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To My Generation.

To my generation of Christians:

Our world is not so different that what it was a long time ago. We have seen bridges burned that in the world’s eyes create a better place. In the Bible, Delilah performs the ultimate betrayal. David sleeps with the wife of a man he kills. Peter says what he shouldn’t. Jonah flees from God’s plans and instruction. Moses relies on his own strength. Leah and Rachel fight true and real girl on girl fight. Men give them selves over to sexual immorality. Women gossip and cheat. Our idols become our focus. As a young generation of Christians in a world with hard things to understand; I beg you to think very carefully before you speak. Remember who the God of the Universe is. I promise you that your words or persuasion is not going to make someone change. Only Jesus Christ can do that.

We live amidst hard things. But I would like to remind you: today’s hard issues reveal deeper truth. We are all sinful. We are all fallen. We are all hard to love. We all make others furious. We all add to the chaos of life instead of the order God created. So before you write something on the internet, remember that you are sinful in just as many ways as anyone else. Be very careful. You represent the blood that Christ spilled and so live in love. Be in this world but not of it. Remember it is not your job to judge or condemn. It is your job to represent Christ in every way you can. Believe that and ACT upon it. Also be careful with your fellow Christians, both older and younger. You are an example to those below you and a student to those above you. Know that God is in ultimate control. Be ready to stand for your faith and to pray for others. But when it comes to hard things pray for others and think carefully before you speak. Let the Lord do the talking because He ultimately knows what is best.

With love,

Your Sister

If you made it this far and are not a Christian, Jesus loves you. He loves every piece of you and He wants to know you and change your life. Love is an action word. He seeks after you. He desires to be apart of your life. He longs for your friendship. He wants to guide you. He stands as your protector. He walks with you as your Father. He keeps you close and in His view always. Give Him a chance. Also, I am very sorry for any sort of hate or unjust rude comments you have received from us. I take responsibility. We are sinners and make huge mistakes and I’m sorry to you for that. I hope we can make it up to you with the love that we try to show as Christ showed us. We love you and so does Jesus.


One thought on “To My Generation.

  1. I’m so glad you posted this especially with the recent events that have turned some Christians into very judgemental people


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