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For the past couple of years I kept saying “I should dye my hair! I should dye my hair! I should dye my hair!” …. well I never did. UNTIL YESTERDAY! I got some absolutely fabulous highlights! Reasons why I didn’t dye my hair before:

1. Money: So my mom always said you have to pay for your any sort of highlights that you want with your own money. Fair enough. Fair enough. Moms will always be moms and we will always love them.

2. Fear: I didn’t know what I wanted and I didn’t want to ruin my hair. Everyone has a friend that has had a bad experience with their stylist and you see them in a trendy hat the next day. And I am usually the one who says something like “Oh I didn’t know you were a hat person?” …. awkward silence.

3. The One: For the past couple of years I have not had any specific stylist be my stylist. I floated around to see who I liked best before I just handed my precious locks over to them.

4. What others would think: This is silly. But all of us worry about what our friends will say when you come back with ‘new’ hair. It’s true. We want people to like it and we want to love it!

Well during my search and patience to go lighter with my hair, my friend from high school had begun studying at Toni&Guy to become a hair stylist. She is super duper talented. I was so excited when I finally booked the appointment because every hair she has touched ends up looking better than it did before. I’m not lying. She is so good! So here’s a couple tips to help get your perfect hair:

1. Pictures, pictures, pictures! Bring in several pictures of the look you want. This helps you focus your ideas and helps your stylist be able to think over what he/she can do!

2. Trust! Trust your stylist because they know what they doing! They put in lots of time and energy and thought into their career. So let them do their thing. You wouldn’t hire an artist that didn’t know what they were doing! Same thing!

3. Book Brooke! No matter what! She has got a really good eye and a really good ear to see and know what to do with your head of hair! Check her out on Instagram @brookeallenhairdressing She is really is going places!

Thank you Brookie! Lovve youuuuu!





This is my beautiful summer hair! Thank you Brooke! ❤


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