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I love Kale. It is absolutely one of my favorite leafy greens. Two important things about kale:

1. It is a superfood (which is a trendy way of saying its uber healthy for you).

2. It’s what I call my best friend just with a different spelling.

Now I know a lot of people don’t necessarily love kale. And I totally understand. It smells like broccoli times 4 bajillion and its not very sweet because it is not an ice lettuce. The reason why we love romaine or butter lettuce is because it has a high amount of water which gives it a refreshing water base and a sweeter less brutal taste. Right now kale is a way I would explain my life. (If you have met me or if you know me at all there is a weird unneccesaary need for me to align my life with anything and today it is kale). In the past month I have moved 382 miles, bought a car, job searched and applied EVERYWHERE, rearranged my room (using electrical tools…yikes), gone to job interviews, signed up for summer classes (or thats on the agenda for today), and reunited with my favorite place and people. Kale is leafy with some rugged (sometimes hard to swallow) edges. However it is paired with a fruit, usually a berry, to create a bittersweet nutritious salad. There have been a lot of hard to swallow moments with my move back home. Now not to go into too much detail, these moments have given me the freedom to know my Creator on a deeper level. He has pointed out places in my life where I choose not believe I am a child of His and I am so blessed because of it. If there is anything harder that swallowing dry kale, it’s swallowing it with the knowledge that it’s good for you. I think we can agree us teens run from the things that scream “I’M GOOD FOR YOU PICK ME”. Jesus Christ died on the cross and pointed out a way for humans to live. Like kale, He brings out bitterness and parts of life that are not desired by society or are hidden by the facade that we, as humans, give ourselves to seem okay. God wants you to be not okay with Him. He wants to overtake your heart and love you and cherish you and teach you to walk in ways that He desires. He wants to work through the hard stuff and let you cry on His shoulder. He will always love you unconditionally. Kale by no means is God. That is not what I am saying. But, the bitter green is made to give you health. Although I am among the few who honestly love kale, I believe we can appreciate it because it reflects that God wants to bring health to our broken and sick lives. He does that by being a Father, a Teacher, and a Friend. Thank you Jesus for kale and silly minds that find you in the bitterness of a salad and the bitterness of life. I love you!

Just for fun, my go to Kale Chip Recipe!

Kale Chips


a bunch of Organic Kale

a couple tablespoons of olive or coconut oil


Preheat the oven to 425°F. On a baking sheet, place a piece of parchment paper. Take the leaves off of the stem of the Kale. This is important because the stem is the most bitter. Roughly chop or break the kale into small to medium pieces. Place the chopped kale onto the parchment paper. Drizzle oil over the kale. Salt now or later, either way is fine. Place in the oven for 10 minutes or until krispy. Salt to taste and Enjoy!





So I burnt them a little… but they do shrivel up a lot! Don’t worry if that happens! Have a great day!


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