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two thousand sixteen years ago a baby came into the world to save it from itself. looking forward with that mindset my new year’s resolution is to give God more glory. in every circumstance and in every timing of life God deserves more glory than anyone could ever even fathom. He has kept the earth… Continue reading 2016.


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Summer, School and that comma in between

I am here to talk about the comma between summer and school. This is my least favorite time of the year. I get anxious and bored. SO BORED. I love school and schedules and order and homework and new ideas and new learning. However, summer gets old to me really fast. My boyfriend and I… Continue reading Summer, School and that comma in between

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Let’s talk about friends after high school.

Friendships can be tricking no matter what age you are. I hear a lot of people wish for simpler times. These are the classic scene from High School Musical 3 where they say ‘Like Kindergarten’. Well kindergarteners don’t know what’s ahead. But they dream big. They want to rule the world and believe in themselves… Continue reading Let’s talk about friends after high school.

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One Beautiful Year.

To: Evan. Evan. We have travelled distances literally and figuratively. Since Junior Year you have grown leaps and bounds. I am so thankful. Since Junior Year I have grown leaps and bounds. We met in silly circumstances and God made it 100% clear that we were not ready or in His timing. But, I do… Continue reading One Beautiful Year.