Friendship is Magic.

My boyfriend always looks over at me and says “Friendship is magic, Emma”. This is more than true. I usually just laugh at the silly phrase and move on.

However at Vanguard University, I have made some amazing lifelong friendships. Within a year, we have all laughed, cried, danced, played, worshiped, sang, and travelled together. On Sunday, we had a fall celebration of that magical friendship with treats, cider, pumpkin painting, glitter, and good talks.

unnamed-1Julia, our personal hostess with the mostest, hosted the party. She is the gem of all gems. Her family has adopted us girls and we are constantly going to her house and stealing their food and playing with their pup, Charles. She is so hospitable and kind. She knows what to say and when to say it. She is truly a great friend to have! Thank you Jules, for always letting us invade your home! WE LOVE YOU.

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This Julia, the hostess with the mostest (:

Then I heard Dani before I saw her. She was saying, “Emmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa” which is always followed by a big squeeze. She is the lovey dovey of the group. She always has open arms to hug and squeeze no matter what is happening in her life. She loves to laugh and is oh so positive.

I got there a little later, per usual. I am a busy bee, who needs to slow down its true. The first person to see me was Emmy. Emmy is the most delightful and energetic friend, who constantly loves to see people come together and enjoy. She is the life of a party and truly believes in the magic of friendship. She brings together community and is so good at being inclusive.

Next, I saw Alexa. She is the courageous friend. She inspires me with her story and her passionate personality to always obey Jesus without a bat of an eyelash. Her story is one of courage and perseverance. The more you know her, the more you see her zeal for the Lord which is an amazing trait.

Emileeeeeeeeeeee. She is a forest loving, friend to all. Snap Chat filters make her giggle and she really knows how to love others globally. She dreams big and only believes in doing things that really truly matter in the grand scheme of things. Emilee is the friend that always makes you laugh and always help you think of the brightside.

Jax found me after I had picked up a pumpkin to start painting. Jax is just a little ray of light. She is honest and positive. Whatta friend to have! Her love of the Sharks (hockey team) is never unnoticed. She is a fighter and it is amazing to be her friend. Seriously, she is so inspiring to me.

Makayla is the momma. She is our perfect hugging height friend. I have never heard a negative thing come out of her mouth, ever. She is radiant and you can always find her if you need a pick me up in the day. She is like a comforting cup of coffee on a cold morning, just about the most comforting person in the whole world.unnamed-2

Maddie, what a babe! Maddie is the sweetest. She is creative and sweet, just like the pumpkin she painted into a donut. She is fun and excited about life. She loves well, even knowing her such a short time, that is so evident in who she is.

Amanda is a babe of all babes, who only believes in wearing shorts. It’s an amazing talent she has. She is caring and honest. She is the most loyal friend you could find. No matter what is happening in life, she will put you first above herself. Her wisdom is beyond her years, especially with how to wear shorts stylishly.

Alissa is my introvert buddy. She knows that I need silence in order to live. She loves adventure and loves people so well. Every aspect of her is not judgemental and I could tell her anything without worrying about what she would think of me. Liss is the type of person that loves without condition and is the funniest person you will ever meet.

Ken, Kenny, Kendall is the bubbliest person that I have ever known. She has taught me to trust God in all things. God is her number one, NO MATTER WHAT. It’s amazing. She is so good at listening and affirming others. Kenny is so good at going out of her way just to say hi to you because she wants to make sure you have a good day.

Serious group of babing friends here!

I look up to these women so much. They have impacted me in ways that most of them may never know. I love each of them for countless reasons. They are the family that I have the privilege of getting to choose for myself, which is one of the best things about growing up.

These women have become my family in Costa Mesa. Although, I have grown up here and none of them (except Julia) is from here; these girls have welcomed me into their lives. They have counseled me and studied God’s Word with me. These women have invested time and energy into me and I into them. Sometimes we skip class for each other because we know the other needs it. Other times they convince me to go to class even though I am having a hard day or feel frustrated. These are things that your mom or sister would do for you, when you were at home. Now these women get to come into my life as my surrogate sisters and my true friends. This is how you create family when you finally leave the nest. You have to go on awkward coffee dates and shake hands and give time to where when you see each other on campus you hug and laugh because you love to each other like family. These women know when I need a word of encouragement and they pray over me. The investment in others has become the most profitable thing that I get to take away from college. If I never use my degree or never come back to Costa Mesa, I know I can call any of these girls and they will answer my call with excitement because we have become sisters. So invest in others because in the long run you will see how their investment in you will change you for the better.  I took this fall party as an opportunity to be oh so thankful for each one of these women. I love you sisters! So, all in all, yes, friendship is magic.

Do you see Maddie’s adorable donut pumpkin?



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