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Snacking for the long fall

This week has been rainy, or as rainy as it can be in Southern California. However, my mom got some of the yummiest fall veggies so I made some chips to pair with Hope Hummus or just by themselves. I got the idea from @shutthekaleup’s Instagram post and her constant veggie roasting. So without further ado here’s my fall veggie chips recipe:


1 delicata squash

4 red beets



garlic and herb seasoning

Chosen Foods Blend Oil Spray

I swear by this oil spray, it’s amazing! No harsh chemicals all good for you!



Wash your veggies. Preheat the oven to 375•. Cut and clean the delicata squash. Any squash will do; however, delicata have a cute shape and a good bite to them. Beets. Okay so you can use golden beets as well. I  prefer red beets because they’re sweeter and brighter. It gives me more of a fall color with yellow and red. In all honesty, all veggie is good for this recipe; beets and delicatas were just my choice today. Cut the delicata squash into about a quarter of an inch slices. Cut the beets into slices or wedges, I usually do both. When cutting beets make sure that you are using a cutting board that you are okay with getting stained. THEY STAIN A LOT. Spread the veggies on a baking sheets so that they touch but are not overlapping too much. Spray Chosen Blend oil spray, salt and peppa over the veggies. Use tongs to coat them in the spray and seasonings. (If you want to use your hands, then you can but beets stain). Then pop them in the oven for 45 minutes. About half way through the cooking process give the baking sheet a good shake and turn the baking sheet around to evenly cook the veggies. Then wait and when the timer dings, take them out. They should be slightly golden brown. Add garlic & herb seasoning to taste, I use about 1 teaspoon. Use the tongs to evenly coat them. Let them cool. THEY WILL BURN YOUR MOUTH. (if it’s in caps, i learned by mistake). Once cool, pop open Hope Hummus’ Original recipe, or any flavor they have, and snack away! They are unreal! I am obsessed.








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