women these days.

I do not want to  get political today. However, with the upcoming election and Hillary looking like Trump’s competition. I want to remind myself and you of who women are. There will undoubtably be a lot of anti women posts from haters and anti men from feminists. However, this past year I have had the privilege of knowing some women who lay down everything they are to be the best they can be. As little kids that was what we were always told to do: “try your best”. Women are hard workers. Women these days, work just as hard as men with the knowledge that in the US they will not get paid the same for the same job. They are passionate. Every women I have met, whether quiet or loud, has very strong opinions about something. Women are action takers. Women do not let life pass them by. We get the curse of the word dramatic. However, that curse has led us to do some pretty amazing things. Those are the things that women have led. Women are subject to much fear and pain and they rise up. Women must face the fear of child birth, rape, periods, other girls, appearance and much more. However, some of my closest friends and heroes have flown across the country and the world to do what they know they can and are called to do. Women do not sit and ignore their calling. Women are go getters, doers, lovers, fighters, laughers, team players, and leaders. I am not stoked about either of the candidates for the upcoming election. I do not think a woman should be president because she’s a woman and that would make history. However, I do think that before the memes come out and the pictures with women and mean sayings are made. Let’s remember that we do not have to give into any emotional side to understand each candidates views. Also, I would to disclaim that I think men and women need each other and neither sex deserves more than the other. Yes there have been some mistakes along the road. But both sexes equally are just  as powerful and even more so when they work together. Let us not be swayed by powerful emotional appeals but by true knowledge of the candidates’ beliefs and values.


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