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Lock eyes with Jesus. And throw away the key.

The Lord has be speaking a very beautiful truth over my life this week of busyness. This what He says to me:


You are not a body. You are not the clothes you miss so much. You are not the grades you get this semester. You are not your hair. You are not your shoes or any outward adornment that makes people look at you. Emma you are a beloved daughter of the King and you are a soul that will live forever. Be heavenly minded. Hold My hand for I love you and will be with you always with every twist and turn.


The Shepard of Your Soul.

I pray that each and every girl read this article and know the fullness that comes with loving Christ. Yes Yes Yes! Lock eyes with Jesus and throw away the key!

Source: Lock eyes with Jesus. And throw away the key.


2 thoughts on “Lock eyes with Jesus. And throw away the key.

  1. Dearest Emma,

    I love what you write and the way God is using you. So thankful to know and love you. I wish we could have spent more time together during my time in the States. Keep me posted on summertime, and let me know if you want to FaceTime to check in.

    LOVE, Sarah



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