Cold Air Don’t Care

Southern California is having a semi real winter. Sweaters stay on all day and tea is the drink of choice. My skin is so dry because it has never been this cold before for this long. Usual winter have a couple 62 degree days and then the rest are 68-74. T-shirt and jeans type weather. But this year it has been 64 almost everyday for a week. A WEEK. That means on the 8th day of every month it might be in the high 70s or the low 80s just to prove that we are still California. We are slowly become real winter people and Christmas is actually chilly for the first time in forever; there will be magic but there may not be snow (unless you live the mountains). Tights aren’t a fashion statement but a hope that our hair doesn’t grow back too fast. Scarves and jackets are a must even though we would be fine without them. There is a fine line between sweaters made for summer and sweaters made for winter here in Southern California. Thick functional fashionable sweaters are hard to come by. Sandals are few and farther between than normal. Instead of every 3 people not being in some sort of sandal. Ever 2 people have boots or closed toe shoes on. It is really strange to be from here and see all the drastic changes that California is going through to adapt to these new freezing condition. When a Southern Californian says freezing, it means add at least 30 degrees before water will actual begin to freeze.

This is a joke. I am hilariously laughing at myself this morning for how cold I’ve been these last few weeks. I have no idea what cold is and neither does any Southern California native.


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