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Rose Garden

Busy is an understatement. Overwhelmed is not even a word to describe the last couple of months. As life chugs on so do we. New College. New Friends. New city to call my own.

One of my favorite quotes is by Anne Bronte and it says:

“But he who dares not to grasp the rose should never crave the rose”.

I crave the rose. I want to change the world and create something that gives benefit and enhances the standard of living for people. Right now I see myself half way up the stem. When I was born I sat and played in the dirt, loving life oblivious to the thorns above me. I slowly climbed my way up to the soft part of the stem and enjoyed the new fresh air. I hit Junior High and the thorns started to appear and they were big thorns. You know the ones I’m talking about towards the bottom of the stem; when you first realize that people aren’t who they say they are or others grow up in a much sadder condition than you. You become aware of more realities and the thorns become quicker and so does your recovery. And you get to the point where you faintly smell the sweet aroma of a small rose bud. Your heart beats a little faster. Your hands are calloused from the climb up and then out of no where; a very sharp, very small thorn jumps out to draw blood. You lose a little focus and rest awhile. Eyes still in hopes of the beautiful, fragrant, colorful destination ahead; but just a wee bit worried. So worry and doubt become normal and you heal. This is where I am in my climb. I know that I will be able to do great things one day and I know I can do things now. But I smelling the fragrance of the garden around me in full bloom from my mentors and teachers and friends and family. They are examples of life at the rose. And though new dangers appear when you are fully immersed in the fresh air at the top; you must keep climbing. The top is where your goals and dreams are and where you get to choose who you are. This busy season of my life has been nothing short of crazy. However, I absolutely love it. I am so thankful for Bronte and the words that have given me a better picture and perspective of my job right now. It is good to know that there is always some greater plan in the works despite what I think or feel or believe. So here I am trying to climb and continuing to blog because I love it. Happy Wednesday and never stop dreaming! 


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