So I said I would So I am.

A couple of posts ago, I talked about giving time up from my phone. Now I have not done it everyday. But I am reviewing the times that I have. My generation started away from screens and outside playing in the dirt. We loved it. We were tomboys, princesses, knights, dragons, cowboys, moms, families, friends, hiders, and seekers. It was so fun! Once we hit 5th grade, the kids whose parents were divorced had these weird flippy things that were cell phones. It was odd. But they lit up so that was pretty cool.

Within a couple years phones had grown exponentially to be these everywhere household item. Everyone wanted one. And thus began the movement away from the dirt and princesses to looking at a screen completely clean creating worlds with dirt and princesses. My friends and I still went to the beach but now the beach is about the photo. Your outfit better look good on insta! And you all know exactly what I’m talking about. Everyone can reach you all the time! You are never unavailable. Well I have made myself unavailable for a couple hours every now and then and it has been glorious! I have read books and relaxed by the pool. Had real talks with my friends with no interruptions! I encourage you to try it! It is so nice. Being okay with being alone is such an important lesson that we need to reteach ourselves. Our lives should not be run by the thing we hold in our hands. It should be run by ourselves with the correct guidance. We don’t NEED our screens. As fun as they are! Give yourself space and time to live without it!


3 thoughts on “So I said I would So I am.

  1. A few months ago I started limiting my phone time and it has been great. One of the most surprising things I have learned is how many people have a phone on them all the time. When I leave mine in the car, it sometimes seems like I’m the only person without one.

    God bless,



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