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Let us forgive.

Transition periods are something one would think I am accustomed to, but I’m not. I don’t know if anyone can get used to be in change. As humans, we desire stability and home. I have home in moments and places and people. However, I rarely fully feel at home. I am learning that that is not what my life is about. I am here to find home. I am here to love Jesus in any and every way I can. In Him is my home. “Live in this world but not of this world,” He said (John 15:19). Now there have been many of my own struggles that God has been bringing to the surface and giving me the choice to surrender to Him and work through. What a beautiful God I serve. He allows me to choose my next step in honesty, protection, and courage. Now  there will always be issues that arise in media, the news, television, movies, music, fill in the blank here. As Christ lovers, followers, believers, and doers of the Word, let us not sit and say anything. Let every part of our body be exuding love, peace, patient, gentleness, joy, generosity, hospitable – ness, honesty, faithfulness, loyalty, and admiration of those we cross. Every year, its a new issue and a more demanding and confusing road to cross as a Christian. But that’s just it. Satan wants us to believe that we are making things complicated and that we are being intolerant. But real true love does not allow everything to happen. You wouldn’t let someone you love do something that harmed them without trying to help them first. Then if they choose it, it’s their choice. Which is okay. But your love shows that you are acknowledging their desire (good or bad) and trying to help them make the best decision for their life. Well Jesus did the same for you and watches you go after (bad) desires everyday and He says, “I love you. No matter what. I am here for you always and I will always fight for you”. I just want Christians to take the opportunity of interesting and not necessarily moral media and talk about it in love. To give the honest truth and to say it in a way that many can hear well. Now I know this is a tall (extremely large) order. I, myself, am terrible at this. There are certain sins that I offer up more compassion to than others. That is my fault and I am ever working on it. So as the world is making crazy transitions let us stand in the world and not of it. Let us love in truth and show Christ.

Return to the Lord your God for He is gracious and merciful slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. – Joel 2:13

Here is my prayer and please pray it with me:


Thank you for the grace and the honesty that you have always given to me. Help me to be sensitive to areas of others’ lives that I may not always be sensitive to. Give me your eyes and your heart for every human being. Oh how good you are Lord! You are strong, kind, love, joy, peace, patience, and my everything. I pray other’s hear your voice when I speak and see your face when I approach them. Help others to know how you love them. Keep me humble and kind. I love you so much.




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