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Deadlines. They are gnarly. First you gotta do something, something original. Then it’s gotta be creative. And by that time you are unaware of how many seconds you have left until it is due (its only about 30 seconds). So here is what I have to say when it comes to life lessons and deadlines. Everything has deadlines, whether you are aware or not. Your hangry meter (hungry and angry) has a deadline. There is only so long you can go without eating until BAM POP AND CRUNCH goes your next victim of hungry and all you need was a bite to eat. Your “how many days can I go without showering during the summer” competition with yourself has a deadline and you already hit that by the time you said days. First dates have deadlines. It’s the time between the small talk and the “where is this weather conversation going” thought in your head happens and when it happens the poor soul sitting across from may not even know you passed it and the date is already over. On the other hand, if you hit the deadline before you accidentally verbally bite off someone’s head because of your hangriness, your day (and their’s) will be better. Just take the shower, the world will thank you. And save the date for yourself, ask an interesting question. I am learning that deadlines are so innate that pointing them out is so foreign that it becomes stressful. Don’t let it be stressful. Take it head on. Go for it! Be a doer and a dreamer and don’t let deadlines bog you down. So next time you have to do that homework assignment or write a paper; approach it head on and be excited about what’s to come. Hard work and determination really pay! You can do this! Go out and defeat those deadlines and then treat yourself (:


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