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Hopper & Burr

I love coffee and I love Saturday mornings and I love going on dates/adventures with my boyf (abbreviated term for boyfriend I just think its silly(:). So we adventured to Downtown Santa Ana to try a new delicious coffee shop that makes excellent coffee. It is called Hopper and Burr. It was so nice and quiet. Only us and another couple were in the shop and it was a gloriously cloudy day! The shop is a bar at night. However, in the morning it is an excellent coffee shop with beautiful mirrors reflecting light off the black and with tiled floor with hip and trendy wood worked tables. I was so excited! They have a morning toast menu and pb&js (which is just adorable because I bunch lumber-jack-esque men work there). We sat for a good hour and a half sipping and talking about our weeks and just life and our theories on how to cure cancer. We both love biology and think that the way the body works is so cool and interesting so we tend to get into these odd but productive conversations. I ordered a black cup of coffee and he, naturally, got an espresso. His espresso was to die for. It was so delicious. We were both amazed. My coffee stayed rich and smooth until the last sip, which is exactly how I like it. We loved it so much that I decided to share with the blogosphere so that everyone might check it out and enjoy a cup of coffee with Hopper and Burr too (:


This is our completed coffee, espresso, and carbonated water. delicious.


This is our Saturday morning face


This is to all who experience cancer in any way and the pain and journey it brings. Press on. You can fight because Someone Else is fighting alongside you!


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