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So I have of recent gone from extremely bored to extremely busy which is why there have been less blogs and more thoughts of ‘oh I should blog that’. So this is one blog post with four blog posts with in it. Also, I am going to do a couple of shootouts to some new things that are just so cool in my life right now!


One of my favorite things in life is having close friendships. I learned at a young age that not every will be friends with you forever. People (unfortunately) come and go. However, there are few very special people that remain in your life forever in little and big ways. Take advantage of the time you get to come along side people because you would never guess who would become your best friend in a pizza place, on a bridge, at del taco, or in Budapest. I have gotten the best past couple of weeks to relax and enjoy life with these life long friends. Last week I went on a 7 mile walk with one of these bests and we caught up on the silly little bits of our families and our love life and school and our desire for more clothes and less clothes at the same time. Sometimes the struggle is real. We are each other’s confidant and prayer warriors. We keep each other accountable and live in open honesty and the truth of the gospel so that we can learn to love and grow with each other for the good of God’s glory. Immediately after this crazy walk with this dear friend, I made a date shake. Date Shakes are a healthier delicious alternative to an ice cream shake. Friend dates call for date shakes and so thus I made my date shake (: And it’s only 3 ingredients!    <<< Check it out!



My father has instilled in me a love, respect, appreciation, and joy over the ocean. I do not live anywhere where the water can grow to be 20 feet tall on a regular basis. However, I do appreciate spring time swells that push WNW and SW and E swells to hit along one coast line to create large waves that the idiots of Newport Beach swim out and ride. I believe every last person who has swam out there has almost died on countless occasions. But you do you man. This week I got the privilege of enjoying some warm and cold weather and working a ton. Working a ton means that I’m by the beach a lot. Being by beach means I see the ocean. Seeing the ocean means I can see big swell when it hits. Well ladies and gentlemen! It hit with beautiful force and I got to watch the best people in the world (previously referred as ‘the idiots of Newport Beach’) perform their latest tricks and surf massive swell. I was having a very lonely day; so I hopped on my bike (it’s almost falling apart) and peddled with all my might to the Wedge and saw some awesome waves and enjoyed some glorious sun with a dear friend of mine, whom I have not seen since August. She went to Florida for college and I spend my summers excitingly awaiting her return to my faithful city. We both laughed and feared for the lives of our fellow Newport Beachians before I had to return to my busy work schedule. It was a nice treat to be reunited with the Wedge and all its glory as well as to my sweet friend and all her glory.





This past week my schedule has permitted me to not be able to have normal down time. However I got to spend 3 days with 3 of my best friends (all at different times). We sipped lots of coffee and chai and jacuzzi(ed) til we were way too overheated. We ate too much as good friends do. We talked about life and loss and real stresses and the need for Gossip Girl to never end. The Duggars were thoroughly discussed because we all have weird family background but how can you live with 20 other people? Real talk and silly talk alike, it was a time of pure bonding and sweet bliss to know that we all love each other and pray for each other daily. We know the ups and downs and the inside outs just like all the yoga poses we practiced. But most of all it was much needed sleepless girl time. I am in a time in my life where these moments feel like they are few and far between. Almost every single on of my friends is working 25-30 hours a week and going to school with 15-18 units and preparing for summer classes plus add on internships and family time and church volunteering and personal daily time with Jesus; life is breathless and crazy but oh so fun. I am so thankful for the time I get with these friends and family because I know that my life is going to be non-stop for the next at least 8 months so I cherish these pure, wholesome, good fun sleepovers with my bests. Go check out Alta Coffee it’s delicious! 







There is an eight dollar theater close to my boyfriend’s house that literally changed my life. We were celebrating his mother’s birthday and she had discovered that the theater was playing Sixteen Candles on her birthday! How fun! We were so excited and all go to see the 80s classic on the big screen. My boyfriend had never seen it before; but he was laughing so hard. I have never seen him laugh so hard in our entire relationship. It was so sweet. I recommend you check them out because privately owned theaters make for so much more fun in seeing a movie!  



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