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Early morning air is amazing energizer. It is crisp and cold and exciting. Waking up outside is one of my absolute favorite things in the whole world. My dad and I went on an one night camp out at El Moro State Beach in Laguna Beach. It was glorious and hilarious.

We show up to the site to find that I accidentally got us an amazing view of the ocean.


It is gorgeous! However, we had just went to buy our food to make over a fire to find that they don’t allow fires on the campgrounds… Good thing, my grandma lives twenty minutes away and we can use her fire pits! So we set up camp and decided to head to the beach for the sunset before dinner. I got a good 2.5 mile run in and had some much needed daddy time. Teenage girls, here me now, you always and forever will need your daddy (uncle,grandpa, step dad, father figure,etc). Don’t shut him out. He is the best blessing you have.

We proceeded to be our silly selves and skate on perfectly paved ground. Then I got a little hungry and we headed to grandma’s. Now my grandma lives in a beautiful private community and we happened to see a coyote on our way in. It was a little ironic. We made delicious sandwiches and killed the jiffy pop and smelled like camp fire! It was splendid. After finishing fire building and eating and putting out the fire, we visited grandma and headed back to the camp site. There we slept and it was so perfect. The cold outside and the sleeping bags and campfire smells and the sound of the waves. All came together in the glorious light of dawn that woke me and my dad and made us ready for our day!

We finished our camp out with a cup of coffee and toast with butter and jam at my favorite coffee house. El Moro is a beautiful place to hike, play, camp, and have fun! Go visit! It’s so worth it!











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