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I am a morning person. Things that happen after 10 am are rarely attuned to my natural responses. People go to brunch after 10 am? Why have breakfast and lunch at the same time thats cutting out a glorious morning sunrise with a cup of coffee and a pastry. Why would you ever skip that?

Well today was one of those rare days where I had plans only after 10 am and that meant that I was being set up for a terrible day. I have never been so ecstatic to be so wrong. I went to a follow up interview where I unknowingly had gotten my dream job! I came home to find that I had gotten all of my summer classes on the first try amazing (Thank you Jes

us for scholarships that allow me to go to a small school). Then my dad offered to bring me to one of my favorite coffeeshops to get work done and so I could tune up my blog a little!

How refreshing is it to be a young person working hard and seeing results. A week ago I complained everyday because ‘no one was getting back to me’ and ‘everything was annoying and boring’. Now I am entering into an extremely busy season and I am so excited to see what happens after 10 am. Never do I feel refreshed after 10 am; but now I am excited to see what happens next. So now I will work with my green tea and the joy that spring time brings. I’m looking for those April Flowers in this California Drought!

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