Car Talks

Recently I have gotten to have some of the most real moments with the most real people in cars. Some of my favorite time spent, in all of my life, is in cars.


Me and my family would drive all over the country for hours and sing Les Miserables at the top of our lungs. It’s where we talked and fought and laughed and learned. Its where I learned how to appreciate tangible education and different types of ecosystems and the art that comes from each type. A Californian artist emphasizes on deep blues tone even in their reads, yellows, and greens; there is always a hint of blue. Where New York artist will focus on deep greens with pops of color because of the climate of New York.


Being from the California Coast, I quickly and readily know that Journey will be played very loud and very quickly when you begin to see Coastline. I know that the car will speed just a tad and that One Direction is next on the playlist. We will look at every beach and stop and choose which one works for tanning and surfing for that day.

The Tos and Fros:

Errands or just the daily dose of there and back again. Driving through town to get to the next location is such a treat. Spending time with the best of friends right next to you playing good tunes and talking about every inch of life you missed in the past hour, day, month, and year. These are my favorite as well. It’s the “nothing” time where you can sit in silence or joyful girlish laughter and play the states game and just enjoy the company next you.

Sit Out Fronts:

These are the ‘we are in the middle of extremely great conversation’ stop and wait a couple hours tip we’re done. Then we can go inside. If you are a girl, you understand. Sometimes things can’t wait and there is so much to catch up on. Life is hard and we need our long random conversations.

Yesterday I ended up having a lot of those. I got to talk to my boyfriend about the Catholic Church and what the Christian Church has done to be unkind and unloving to their brothers and sisters (my experience and my opinion, totally other ideas and experiences welcome). It brought me to tears and he was so amazed by my love for others and the horribleness of division that hurts my heart. He gave me a beautiful counter argument that shows that every denomination of the Church has some skewed and imperfect way of dealing with things but Jesus loves them all. Then I got to go to the movies with my daddy, my best friend and my boyfriend and had a great time with them. We got lunch and me and the bestie went our separate way. We sat in front of my house talking about the sad facades that hide the truth behind a lot of sin. Sin creates more sin and to fight that is such an uphill battle. I encourage you to spend some time in the small confined space of a car because:

You will learn and deeply interact with some of your favorite people.

You will learn to love them better.

You will grow in understanding of new ideas.

You will hope for their future.

You will learn how to encourage and pray better.

You will unintentionally have really deep conversations that point back to Christ.

Thank you Jesus for your love of relationship. May our relationships honor you always. Amen.



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